The  Book!

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• Is a step-by-step guide to tapping into your power and moxie, especially when challenges arise.

• Offers more than 25 tools and “Happy Acts” for creating change, along with cheeky “alerts” highlighting important information. 

• Takes you through the 4 arts: tapping into happiness; tapping into power; tapping into moxie; and living fearlessly happy.

• Focuses on positive psychology and the research behind happiness, along with lessons Lisa’s learned throughout her life. It draws from the inspirational material Lisa teaches women at her Camp Atta Girl! retreats.

• Is written with honesty, humor and heart with anecdotes, inspirational quotes and whimsical graphics tying it all together. 

In Atta Girl!, You'll...

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• Learn how It’s never too late to be who you want to be. You are NOT too old!

• Discover how to live and thrive despite challenges that come up.

• Tap into your power and learn to use your voice, two things women often lose during a lifetime of working and doing things for others instead of themselves.

• Discover how to get rid of labels that others (and sometimes you) place on you.

• Learn the power of words and how using them can create the life you want.

• Stop once and for all caring what others think about you.

• Finally become and love your true and wonderful self!

Atta Girl! Is For...

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• Women over 45 who are going through transitions or dealing with any sh*tshows in their lives such as a work stress, layoffs, illnesses, divorces, relational challenges, family drama, or any life-changing moments that steal their smiles and joy.

• Every woman — no matter what age — who’s ever felt exhausted, scared, worried and wondered what she can do to rediscover that spunky, playful girl she used to be and how she can overcome obstacles to her living a happier life.

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